Attention Executive Board Members.
The following forms are to be filled out and submitted to the Secretary prior to Official Board Meetings.
This procedure will help maximize the benefits of the limited time that each meeting has scheduled. 

Thanks for your corporation.

Committee Report Form (If you will be giving a Committee report i.e.. ACTE, ITEA, etc. use this form.)
Committee Report Form.doc
Committee Report Form.pdf

District Rep. Report Form  (This form is for all District Representatives to use for their reports to the Board.)
District Rep. Report Form.doc
District Rep. Report Form.pdf

General Report Form  (This form to be used for other reports such as Website, Past President, etc.)
General Report Form.doc
General Report Form.pdf

Motion Form  (If you would like to file a Motion at the Board Meeting, then please use this form)
Motion Form.doc
Motion Form.pdf