Power And Energy Division

Entries in this division represent the operating principles, the maintenance, and the servicing of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical components involved in power sources or power transmission equipment.

PE-1 Energy/PLTW Project - Scoring Guide for PE-1
This classification includes any device designated to illustrate one or more types of energy conversion or any device to illustrate one or more methods of power transmission (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical) or any device that combines a type of energy conversion with a method of power transmission. The device must be operational (by means of PLC, computer, EPROM, Remote control, etc.), be accompanied by plans and must have an explanation of the principles involved. Examples: (Robot, small engine, gear and belt arrangements, electrical-hydraulic transmission, device, solar or wind operated devices.) [PLTW Marblesorter should be entered in EL-3] - Groups are eligible to participate N & P

PE-2 Small Engines - Scoring Guide for PE-2
This area will consist of a manipulative contest (timed with maximum of 1.5 hours) on troubleshooting of a general nature on either two or four cycle engines. Engines will be provided for troubleshooting. Each student must furnish their own tools (wrench set, socket set, screwdriver set, and other engine maintenance tools) necessary to complete the troubleshooting test and provide proper eye protection.  Groups are eligible to participate N, P and E