Home School Provision to participate in Team State Contest.

The state contest committee has approved a home school provision for students outside of the regular school settings. (July 2010)
Home school students may participate in the TEAM State Contest under the following condition.
The parent/guardian/homeschool teacher of the student participating must be a member of TEAM/MOACTE as is expected of any public school technology teacher by the required date.
The parent/guardian/homeschool teacher must also join the district organization if the district requires or has that as a provision to participate in their contest.
The homeschool student must qualify for the TEAM State Contest through their participation in the district contest nearest their residence, or location of their homeschool, and being certified as an award winner or state qualifier by that district contest organizers.
The homeschool students in grades 6-8 must be entered in Group A and all homeschool students in grades 9-12 must enter in Group D.
The student must meet the following student participant eligibility:
Is a student in grades 6 through 12.
Is under 20 years of age on July 1 of the year of the State Contest.
Agrees to be present for the State Contest to complete a knowledge-based test, and includes plans and a technical report covering information relative to the entry as described in the project guidlines.
Has a project accepted and is certified for the State Contest through participation in a district contest.
Student is currently in academic good standing with his or her homeschool.
Student agrees to adhere to the TEAM Code of Conduct and has completed permission/medical release forms.

NOTE: Students in post high school are ineligible.

Any questions about the above guidelines should be refered to the contest State Chairman.