Student Code of Conduct

Behavior and Code of Conduct: The rules of conduct shall apply to all students, teachers, officials, sponsors, and individuals associated with the TEAM Event whether participating in the Awards Program or just observing. That all individuals and/or organizations affiliated with TEAM, in any manner shall conduct them selves in the most
honorable, courteous and sportsmanlike fashion.
I. Rules of Conduct:
A. No person shall perform or allow willful, flagrant or repeated destruction of personal or private property.
B. No person, organization shall use or permit the use of abusive or threatening language or conduct toward any official.
C. No person shall conduct them selves in an unsportsmanlike fashion or allow unsportsmanlike conduct to exist.
D. No person shall conduct an act of theft, or allow an act of theft to be perpetrated.
E. No alcohol, drugs or smoking will be allowed by any competitive member in or on the premises of any and all facilities where TEAM sanctioned events are in progress. Drugs approved or prescribed by a proper medical personnel for use by a competitive member shall be exempted provided it meets the TEAM rules and guidelines for prescribed drugs and medication for competition.
F. No person shall falsify or permit the falsification of any document relative to the TEAM or the activities of either.
G. No person shall participate in or permit the act of cheating, fighting or the act of physical, mental or verbal abuse.
H. No person or organization shall conduct any act, or permit any act to be conducted, not specifically stated herein
or in the Rules of TEAM, that may endanger any person or property tangible or intangible.
II. Rule for hotel stay:
A. All Hotel Guest shall be able to sleep, to expect others to refrain from shouting in the hallways, lounges, and public area, from slamming doors, and to tactfully confront inappropriate behavior of fellow participants without negative reactions.
B. All participants are restricted to their assigned Hotel Rooms from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM.
C. Visitation by members of the opposite sex is not permitted in the Hotel Rooms. Parents wishing to visit their children and possibly take their child anywhere, must first consult the sponsors.
D. Radios, CD or other electronic devises etc. should be played at a volume that does not disturb others and that cannot be heard outside the room.
E. There shall not be any sports and horse play; such as football, wrestling, water fights, bouncing balls, flying discs, running in the hallways or rooms; these activities are not permitted. All items violating this policy will be confiscated and returned when participants check out.
F. Appropriate clothing is required when outside of their Hotel Room. Common areas such as hall will be routinely checked by both male and female staff members and security.
G. Respect of all Event and Hotel Staff is expected and no harassment will be tolerated.
III. Facilities/Damages
A. Vandalism: the purposeful destruction of Rooms / Dining Facilities / Event Venue property: is not acceptable behavior. The cost incurred by such behavior and other damages accidentally incurred will be the responsibility of the offending participant(s). All attempts will be made to identify the participant(s) involved and report the name(s) to the Team Leader. In the event of damages to common areas, prorated charges will be assessed to members of the room occupying the room.
B. Furniture in individual rooms and lounges shall not be rearranged or removed from their assigned locations. All furnishings remain in the rooms.
Any violation or infraction of these Rules of Conduct are subject to disciplinary action as set forth by the Awards Program.
VIII. Rule Violation / Disciplinary Actions / Participant Removal:
A. Any violation of these rules or policies will result in immediate participant disqualification from the TEAM Awards Program.
B. The student parents will be notified immediately, the parents will be required to pick up their child and check out of the hotel immediately.
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