TEAM Engineering Exposition “Invitation”
TEAM “Science/Technology/Engineering and Math” Exposition

The TEAM Technology Exposition is open to all students who's teacher is a member of TEAM. All Math, Science, PLTW, Art and Technology teachers who are looking for a competition for their students. This is our invitation to all STEM’s and TIDE Teachers in Missouri to participate in the TEAM Engineering Expo. So come and join us for a little fun and friendly competition.

The only requirement for all teachers of the student participating must be a member of TEAM/MOACTE as is expected of any public school technology teacher by the required date.

Individual student registration is $5.00 per student and they may participate in up to 4 events. The Expo Competition has set a cap fee for registration of $50.00 per school expo teams. Members from any team may participate in up to 4 of the events. But no (School) team may place more than 4 entries in any one event. If a team wants to place more than four entries in any one event that will be allowed but an additional fee of $4.00 for each additional entry will be charged. If an instructor teaches at both the middle school and high school, his team can consist of both middle school and high school students. A District or School Team is 10 or more students.

Electronic Expo Registration is due by Saturday one week prior to the competition.
All registration must be done in the electronic Excel spreadsheet format! E-Mail the Contest Chairman to get the Excel Template.
On-site registration is $5.00 per-student. No Team registration will be allowed late or on site.
The Event guidelines and evaluation sheets may be downloaded from the TEAM Contest/Expo website, To view the files will require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Engineering Expo Schedule

Expo Events
CAD Shootout (8:30 Check-in)
Missouri 500 (9:00 Check-in)
Bridge Engineering (9:00 Check-in)
Hacky Sack Catapult (11:00 Check-in)
Recycling Challenge (9:00 Check-in)
OnSite "Engineering Challenge"(10:00 Check-in) 3 - 20 min. sessions
Graphic Illustration Challenge(9:00 Check-in)
Balsawood Glider Challenge (9:30 Check-in)