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    Welcome to the second half of the 2017-2018 school year fellow industrial technology teachers. I am the second term TEAM’s president and here is a little about myself.  My name is Gregory Heuring, I have been teaching for 8 years at Sikeston Junior High School.  I teach 7th & 8th grade woodshop and industrial technology.  I have also created an advanced woodshop class.  I co-sponsor Science Olympiad, Junior Beta, and Engineering Club. So as you can see, like most of you, I am a man of many hats. I came to teaching later after working several factory jobs in which I learned many trades and aspects of various industries.  I decided it would be in my best interest to go back to school and get a degree so that I could pass on the knowledge I learned to the students that come through my classes.  I received my degree at Southeast Missouri State University in industrial technology.  I now have a master's in administration from SEMO as well.

     TEAM as an organization is currently going through some restructuring. The executive board has been working on this, and I would like to invite any and all input (concerns, insights, or questions) from you the teachers and instructors that are currently, or have been a member of TEAM to please contact me. I feel that this organization can be very beneficial and the meetings we put together can be helpful to all in the field.  I would encourage everyone to join TEAM and ACTE/MOACTE and take advantage of all that summer conference in Springfield has to offer.  It is a great place to collaborate with each other and get new ideas.  As TEAM’s president, I would encourage anyone to contact me with ideas for workshops and presentations that you think could help us in any way or that you would be interested in attending.  I am currently working on getting workshops presenters set up for the 2018 MO ACTE Summer Conference.  Our attendance at the summer conference has declined over the years and we would like to increase our numbers and be able to network with each other. It is hard to get presenters for such a small group as we currently have.  We would love to see everyone attend!  This can be a great way to meet fellow teachers and get new ideas.

     For questions or to submit any new ideas for workshops for summer conference, please e-mail me at gheuring@sikeston.k12.mo.us

Thank You; Greg Heuring: TEAM President

Greetings: I’m Rudy Widmar TEAM President elect 2017/18

     As a 28th year teacher in the Industrial Arts/Technology field, I am honored to serve as a voice for Technology Education/CTE educators in Missouri.

     My education began at Northeast Unified School District in Arma, KS where a strong Woods, Metals and Automotive program fueled my interest in what is now known as Technology Education. Earning a BS in Industrial Arts/Technology Education from Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS allowed me to continue developing student interest in Technology Education.  Two (2) additional Vocational Certifications-  Vocational Cabinetmaking and Building Trades with additional post graduate hours from MSU and Lindenwood round out my educational pedigree.

     My career began in Springfield Public Schools (1990) teaching middle school Technology Exploration modules. Better suited teaching opportunities then took me to Ozark High School/Jr High  (1993 - present), Ozark Mo where I have enjoyed teaching a wide variety of Technology based courses from Woodworking, Vocational Cabinetmaking, Materials and Processes, Home Maintenance, Drafting/CADD, PLTW,  to Scene Shop for our theater department. While our rolls as educators take us in many directions one constant remains, offer a relevant program with sound educational principals.

I look forward to serving as TEAM President and assisting Missouri Technology and Engineering teachers with maintaining relevant and sound programs of study.

A Note from our T&E Ed Director: Relevant?  You Know You Are!

As I expressed at the November 11th  TEAM Board meeting, I have always had great appreciation for Industrial Technology and the skills students learn.  From my days of marginal quality high school shop and drafting projects, through working with my shop teacher cousin, I learned so many practical skills I still use today.  I worry about the last few generations of kids who don’t always get “practical hands-on experiences” and wonder how and where they learn how to take care their homes, resources, and just be handy around the house.  Industrial Technology courses are very practical arts!  DESE’s Core Data indicates there are still a significant number of Industrial Technology type courses offered across the state. TEAM board members indicate administrators still provide strong local support. The new wave of middle level skills occupations needs are the direct result of fewer hands-on experiences and the prevalent but starting to wane mindset that everyone needs to go to college.

 You, better than I, know what TEAM teachers teach is valuable, useful and highly relevant on multiple levels.  The question we have to ask is; if we’re so relevant, when don’t we feel that way?  The more important question is what can we do about it?  The obvious answer to relevancy is funding.  CTE approved programs get it, general Industrial Technology courses do not.  That hurdle is going to be hard to overcome as funds are limited and CTE program requirements are very specific and in place.  Conversations are being held but it’s hard to overcome realities. 

 The lack of CTE funding requires TEAM members to continue demonstrating relevance to local building and district administrators.  A few possibilities:

     Funding is certainly important, but you are still teaching Industrial Technology courses.  Are you relevant?  You bet you are!  How relevant are you and TEAMS?  How do you become more so?  Like all journeys, it starts with each individual and grows with numbers, vision and actions.  The president of MoACTE is a TEAM member!  What a great time to rally the troops and strive for greater relevancy!  TEAM needs you and you need TEAM! Get involved and let your light shine!

Tom Schlimpert;

Director of Engineering and Technology Education

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education



       In 2018, the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship is launching a pilot program for a new and different type of scholarship. Instead of being awarded to individual applicants, Teaching the Teachers scholarships go directly to educational and service organizations that teach woodworking to economically disadvantaged communities in the U.S. and abroad. The Center’s intent is to leverage the education in woodworking and design that it delivers on its Rockport, Maine campus for greater social impact.

     Institutions participating in Teaching the Teachers nominate their own instructors for fully funded participation in the Maine school’s Workshops, Turning Intensives, and Furniture Intensives, as best meets the needs of the institution and its candidate’s availability. Scholarships cover all necessary expenses (above and beyond any provided under the partner institution’s policies), including tuition, materials, travel, and lodging. In some cases, the Center can also offer per diems for expenses such as meals and lost income.

     “Our intent is to give educators new woodworking skills and a vision of the educational woodshop that they can share in their own communities through a lifetime of teaching,” says Dick Whittington, President of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship’s Board of Directors.   

     For 2018, institutional partners for Teaching the Teachers are Eastern Maine Community College in Bangor, ME; Greater West Town Community Development Project in Chicago, IL; Kids Making It in Wilmington, NC; Machias Memorial High School in Machias, ME; and North Salem High School Woods Manufacturing Program in Salem OR.

     Through Teaching the Teachers, the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship is also teaming up with advocacy organizations that promote woodworking education for vocational training and economic development. The first two institutional affiliates of the program are the Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society and the Wood Career Alliance of North America.

     The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship intends to expand Teaching the Teachers in future years and invites inquiries from potential institutional partners and affiliates. For more information, please contact Amy Williams, the Center’s Director of Advancement.

Contact: Amy Williams

Center for Furniture Craftsmanship

25 Mill St.  Rockport, ME 04856

207-594-5611   amy@woodschool.org

About The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship:

Founded in 1993, the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship is a 501(c)(3) non-profit woodworking school in Rockport, ME. Its mission is to provide the best possible education for people who want to design and build functional, beautiful, and expressive work out of wood to the highest standard of craftsmanship. Programs are for novice, intermediate, and advanced woodworkers who seek an inspiring learning experience in a supportive environment. With an outstanding international faculty and topnotch facilities, the Center provides exception­al training in furniture making and design, wood turning, carving, marquetry, and related skills to more than 400 professional-track and a vocational students per year.

TEAM State Contest / Engineering Exposition and Awards Program

May 7th and 8th @ TanTar-a Resort, Osage Beach, Missouri
For the  link to the: TEAM Awards Program Guide go to the TEAM Homepage at http://www.moteam.org/

There will be a few minor changes at this years contest.

Participant Eligibility: Has not changed, refer to the TEAM Contest Home page for the guideline for participations.

Minor revisions in Divisions - Classifications - Groups will take place; final changes will be reflected on the scoring guides downloaded after April 1st.

We are dropping PE-2 Small engine shootout due to low participation and difficulty in finding a coordinator for the event. 

In the Exposition Engineering Challenges we will be bringing back “West Point Bridge Design” competition.  Guidelines will be posted by April 1st but will be the same as previous guidelines. 

A complete list of the STEM Engineering events can be found at the contest homepage. 

District Contest Chairman
Northwest District
Ryan Stobaugh 

Bob Langner  

Northeast District  
Gary Duncan

Kansas City Suburban
Eldon Prawl  

St. Louis Suburban
David Jackson

Dan Barton

Southeast District
Jaron McMurry

Dave Gray

Southwest District
Steve McNaught

Central District
Jason Rathert

For additional questions please contact: Steve McNaught at < s.mcnau55@gmail.com >

Now for Membership:

There has been a dues structure change at MOACTE but TEAM cannot change the dues without a vote of its members based on the bylaws of the Organization, stated in the TEAM Constitution. This has been brought to my attention and I don’t feel I can collect the MOACTE/ACTE dues until the conflict has been addressed. The constitution reads as follows: 

Section 2. Executive Board Authority.  

Section 2. EXECUTIVE BOARD AUTHORITY: The Executive Board may, upon two-thirds (2/3) vote of the entire board, amend the Bylaws, without submitting the amendments to the membership for voteprovided that:
C. The dues structure is not altered. 

     I in good conscience I cannot collect the ACTE/MOACTE dues until the TEAM membership votes to change its dues structure.  So that being said Tech. Ed. teachers need only pay TEAM dues to me until the vote has taken place, and this is all that I will require to participate in future TEAM sponsored activities and events. 

Currently I am going to post a membership renewal form that only collects TEAM dues but encourage all members to join MOACTE and ACTE which is required by them to do so jointly.  The dues question will have to be resolved during the next Exec. Bd. Meeting.

The Constitution/Bylaws are posted on the TEAM Home at http://www.moteam.org/

Have a great return to school in 2018.


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